The mission of Berea Arts and Sciences High School is to help every child reach his or her fullest potential by fostering a holistic model for growth and development.


To select and train students who show great promise in the arts and sciences and situate them in a conducive learning environment that will assure their physical, intellectual, emotional, artistic, spiritual, and ethical development.


To become an outstanding institution for transformative and holistic learning and to contribute to society competent, responsible, and morally upright citizens motivated to serve others.

Educational Philosophy

Berea Arts & Sciences High School respects every student’s individuality. At Berea we believe that:

(1) education should be made relevant to the needs and interests of students;

(2) students should have a holistic and balanced development in the arts and sciences;

(3) education should be a perpetually enriching and accelerating process of growth, not merely a preparation for adult life;

(4) scientific method, tempered by humanistic considerations, should be employed in solving problems;

(5) students should be encouraged to interact with one another and to develop social virtues such as cooperation and tolerance for different points of view.


Berea Arts and Sciences High School or BEREA is a young school. It only started operating in 2005, and completed its four levels in the year 2009. It is located in a familiar atmosphere to its students, teachers, and staff.

Berea began as a dream. It was gradually realized through the determination of its founder, together with his friends. Its founding was more than the sand and stones beneath the buildings; it was the heart and the soul of the man behind it.

​The founder got the name BEREA from the book of Acts. It was a place where the early Christian studied the Scriptures everyday. Like its biblical namesake, the Berea Arts and Sciences High School is a place where students learn the essentials of life. Thus, students of Berea or Bereans are not only given the experience of a holistic development, but are also provided with opportunities wherein they can apply their learning in further development and in productive endeavors.

​To achieve this goal, the Berea program takes off from the basic curriculum by the Department of Education, then combines the arts- and the science-oriented curricula of specialized schools for arts and science to encourage the balanced development of both sides of the brain. More importantly, the curriculum incorporated a Bible-based component at all levels, to strengthen the students’ spiritual essence. To put it simply, Berea offers all these to the Bereans for them to live life to their fullest.

Since 2005, Berea has made it a point to allow students gain knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. It has been developing students’ abilities in mathematics, sciences, and languages, at the same time, their abilities in the arts:  visuals arts and music. Further, it has been encouraging Bereans to be members of clubs, and to take part in community work such as assisting churches and other institutions in their community, tutoring, making arts and crafts, and many more.

​Berea has been granted recognition by the Department of Education for its elementary and junior high school curricula.

As it celebrates its thirteenth year, we are now witnessing successful alumni in their chosen fields, and most have graduated from the best universities of the land. It is our hope that these alumni would have been true to the vision of Berea:

“to become an outstanding institution for transformative and holistic learning and to contribute to society competent, responsible, and morally upright citizens motivated to serve others.”

Knowledge. Character. Service.

Ponce St., Phase 7, Vista Verde Executive Village, Cainta, Rizal

(02) 8682-9391