Various research studies in the fields of education, psychology, and even neuroscience have proven that music really does enhance learning. Music has been found to stimulate parts of the brain that are responsible for memory retention, concentration, comprehension, and perceptive analysis.

Through music, the brain may be primed to distinguish useful and meaningful sensory information from noise. This ability may help enhance other cognitive abilities such as learning, language, memory and neuroplasticity of various brain areas.

​For these reasons, Berea Arts and Sciences High School is anchoring its Early Childhood Education curriculum on music.

​With a strong and well-established music program along with faculty that have broad music expertise, Berea has long mastered music integration in various components of its academic and extracurricular programs. We plan to operate around this strength for our Early Childhood Education program.

Our goal is to let the children have a wonderful music and learning experience that would cultivate their love not only for music but also for learning in general while focusing on their social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development